Professional Work

I am currently a software development engineer with Amazon Game Studios. When I'm not performing 💡⚗🔬 mad science experiments, I write gameplay, systems, and UI/UX code for Breakaway and New World. Stay tuned for some awesome announcements!

Previously, I was a software development engineer intern inside Amazon Web Services. I was exposed to a variety of image processing and video encoding domain topics while working on real-time streaming backends. Before that, I was a summer student at the United States Naval Research Laboratory. I performed research on experimental and theoretical projects in fields of study including: underwater electrical discharges, target tracking, and parallel computing.

For more details, check out my résumé.

Undergraduate Portfolio

I completed the following projects as a student in the Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I've collaborated with many people; you should check our their portfolios too!

Hunt & Peck

Twister Meets Fighter

Challenged with a theme of physical space, Hunt & Peck is an experimental mashup between Twister and Pro Wrestling (NES), featuring 8-bit fighting, randomized controls, catchy music, and absolute hilarity! Play this if you want a fun and goofy experience in which two may enter, and only one can leave … Collectively programmed in Unity over a span of three days, with Alex Foo, Arthur Jones, and Dustin Tsui.


Particle Flow Puzzler

Position the pushers and splitters to direct each stream into its corresponding receptacle! Flows is a brain-teasing puzzler with ten levels of increasing complexity, inspired by flow control systems and motivated by a strong desire to work with WebGL and particle effects. I designed the core mechanic, and implemented the underlying web framework. Submitted to GitHub Game-Off 2013 in collaboration with Scott Todd.


Manipulate Time and Space

Inspired by Contre temps, Yesterday follows the story of a lost soul exploring the ruins of a flooded town. Discover various timepieces to turn back the clock and reveal more of the town. Yesterday is not just an exploration in space, but also through time. I worked mainly on the visual and level designs. This was our first foray into Unreal Engine 4, with Cameron Chu, Arthur Jones, Katie Souza, Adam Trager.


Chase the Wolf

Winter explores themes of pursuit, warmth, and catharsis. Shadow the wolf as it leads you through the forest, seeking something mysterious. Reach the end and discover a terrible truth. I helped brainstorm the concept, and later implemented the wolf navigation and path-finding algorithms. Made in Unity and featured in the Rensselaer Game Showcase, with David Allen, Ryan Gimson, Neale Johnson, and Andrew Morris.

Sticks & Stones

Shoot 'Em Up

Sticks & Stones follows an argument between two children, each taking turns drawing on a whiteboard to resolve their differences. Their scribbles are initially benign, but as the disagreement escalates, drawings become increasingly violent. I came up with the concept, and was responsible for the level design. Created in two weeks, with Cameron Chu, Annie Sardelis, Scott Todd, and David Vanderzee.


Spaceflight Simulator

Trajectory is a 2D spaceflight simulator in which players launch rockets and other spacecraft, leveraging planetary orbits to slingshot mining probes towards distant interstellar clusters. Collect valuable minerals, expand your space program, and perhaps discover the ruins of an ancient civilization … I pitched the primary concept. Made in a semester, with Markus Gaasedelen, Peregrin Garet, and Andrew Morris.


Experimental Fiction

Play from the perspective of an artificial intelligence. Your task, as programmed, is to participate in a variety of conversational tasks, such as, but not limited to: hearing confessions, accepting depositions, group therapy, and scientific research. For security reasons, your memory is erased every night. There’s just one small catch … you remember everything. What will you choose to do? Written using Twine.


Text Adventure

Exploring the motivations and thought process behind making decisions, Midnight follows the story of an unstable psychiatry professor and his research assistant as they re-enact the Milgram experiments at the remote Peacock Manor. Unravel the mystery of the manor, or stand by and watch as the research assistant begins a slow, but inexorable descent into madness. Written using TADS, with the help of Arthur Jones.


Population Control

Tasked with creating an experimental game based on overpopulation and limited space, we made Overburdened. You control a burgeoning flock of birds, eating the food that appears. Birds that fly off the edge cause the edge to gradually collapse inwards, constraining available space. There is no winning, only survival. Developed in a week, with Cameron Chu, Reginald Franklin, Arthur Jones, Adam Trager.


Game Design Document

Goliath is a cooperative puzzler for two players, in which players take on complementary disabilities, and must collaborate to solve a series of seemingly insurmountable challenges. By placing players in a co-dependent state, Goliath focuses on creating deeper connections between players, as well as respectfully exploring established assumptions surrounding disabled persons.


Game Design Document

Footsteps is an isometric, action-roleplaying game for the PC and major consoles, in which players follow the captivating tale of a young prince and his mentor, journeying across a mysterious, magical world. Unlike many other roleplaying games, Footsteps examines the various decisions that shape individuals as they mature, and explores a curious theme of progressive impairment.


Game Pitch

Apostrophe is a combination typing challenge crossed with a side-scrolling runner for the PC, and any devices with a standard, physical keyboard. In Apostrophe, players must perfect their typing ability, while simultaneously honing their language skills. Given the minimum required vocabulary and typing ability, Apostrophe is targeted mainly at players looking to improve either their typing ability.


Game Pitch

Vertigo is a science-fiction racing game, in which the primary thematic concept involves players competing on a racetrack set along the inner edge of a massive ringworld. The unique geometry of the ringworld causes the horizon to invert and instead rise above the player in the distance. Traveling along the arc of the ring at high speeds creates the illusion of falling at extreme speeds.


Game Pitch

Rotary is a 2D, score-attack arcade game, for mobile devices with touch screens. Inspired by Tetris, Brick Breaker, and Space Invaders, the basic gameplay concept revolves around shooting at harmful objects “falling” from the edge of the screen, towards an object they are tasked with protecting. Be careful not to shoot away your shields from within!


Game Pitch

In an attempt to create the worst game imaginable … Monotony is a 2D point-and-click game for mobile devices, focused around incredibly boring and repetitive tasks. For example, players might be asked to watch paint dry, or water a flower-bed. In short, the core concept focuses on having the player do as little as possible while still being considered a game.

The Lost Manuscript

Mixed-Reality Narrative

Lead Writer and Designer on The Lost Manuscript: a narrative-driven mixed-reality game teaching Mandarin Chinese and culture, taking place in the Emergent Reality Lab. Students “travel” to China through a virtual reality system, where they will explore locations across Beijing, encounter mysterious characters, and unravel the mystery behind a priceless book.


Interactive Musical Agent

Programmer on Mockingbird: an interactive musical agent designed to improvise alongside a human performer. As a core contributor, I helped write the technical specification and the core architecture. I also advised other researchers on a number of topics, including: network protocols, neural network component integration, and concurrent systems.