From Armchair to Professional

It recently occurred to me that in graduating from college, I have also graduated from armchair game developer to professional game developer … wait, what does that even mean? Not much apparently. If anything, the path ahead is more clouded than before. As a student, I merely aspired to enter the games industry in any way, shape, or form. If you told me four years ago that I would be working for a major game studio fresh out of college, I would have laughed at you.

Now that I have a (very junior) seat at the table, I look up the food chain and am entirely stumped by the question “so what do you want to do?” What do I want to become? I’m terrified because I have no idea. All I can think of is that the game industry needs more role models. Offhand, there are people like John Carmack, Ken Levine, Sid Meier, legends in the game industry. But where are all the people in between? Where are the people that are the lifeblood of a studio, but that the games media neglected to instead fawn over the next “indie game developer superstar!”?

Hah! And I bet you thought this would be some mindless platitudes about reinforcing my credibility as a “professional” game developer! Guess what? I’m just as clueless as you armchair game developers.