Impractically Paperless

I’m practically paperless, but going paperless is a lot harder than I thought. First, the quirks. When setting up paperless billing for some services, I received a confirmation in the mail thanking me for going paperless. Next, the inevitable deluge in which I receive three form letters in succession thanking me for such and such. The worst part is when somebody expects you to sign, stamp, and mail a form back to some P.O. box. Don’t want to waste postage? No problem! Just fax the form instead! Please, I beg of you: help me help you! It’s not as if email has been around for two decades now …

To be fair, I have had some successes. Airlines have made flying a surprisingly paperless experience. In the space of four years, I’ve gone from running in sub-freezing temperatures across the quad to pick up my boarding pass, to checking my email for a convenient e-boarding pass that automagically pops up on my phone as I approach the security line.

More and more food trucks seem to be using Square card readers, and the software takes care of emailing me a receipt. I wish Amazon Register did the same. Anyway, as digital payment technology improves, my hope is that in the next few years, those spools of receipt paper will become a thing of the past.

As much as I hate to admit it, I am also starting to rely on iCloud Reminders as my primary to-do list, which sync across all of my devices. I still miss my vibrant shades of Post-it notes though. The lone holdout? Work. It seems writing on whiteboards and snapping a picture with my phone have only partially supplanted graph pads, where hand-drawn diagrams, scribbles, and Dash/Plus reign supreme.