Visualizing the Mandelbrot Set

In this post, I will cover how to draw the Mandelbrot Set using my dead simple OpenCL parallel programming framework: Chlorine. In doing so, I will demonstrate an 800x performance increase against a reference CPU implementation, changing just 5 lines of code. If you want to follow along, go download the source code on GitHub.

Trivially Parallel

Having just finished a semester studying concurrency, I thought it would be fun to dig into the backlog and write a post on parallel computing. In the past, writing a program might have involved message passing or threading. Today, the widespread availability of graphics coprocessors effectively places immense, parallel computing power in the hands of every teenager clutching a smartphone, and more.

Annotated Realtime Raytracing

Ever wonder how a raytracer works? No really, a line-by-line explanation, and not some academic paper filled with technical jargon? Want to see a GPU raytracer running in realtime, in your browser window? Well here you go: if you’re impatient, click here to go straight to the demo, or read on for the more detailed walkthrough.